808 the Great: A Different Way of Doing Business

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Our Story

Like a lot of local kids here in Hawaii, I had the dream to start my own clothing company. So I saved up what little I had and went to a local t-shirt printer and had them make a small batch for me. I peddled as much as I could with family members, friends, and co-workers and after a while was able to gain a small following; however, I couldn’t generate the demand I needed to keep my clothing line going nor did I have the funding or know how to acquire it. Eventually, I gave up on my pursuit. Throughout this entire ordeal I had always attempted to look for help. I even knew a rather successful local clothing brand owner and sought him out for advice. Alas, he didn’t really give me the time of day. Long story short: Building a brand is hard work, but it can be easier when you have people there to help you along. This may seem like common knowledge, but if you’re a budding entrepreneur, it’s a lot harder said than done. Where can you go? Who can you look to? 

Our Purpose

808 the Great is a site dedicated to the little guy. Living in Hawaii is tough and building a small business in it is even tougher. Although many like to portray the island lifestyle as easy going and care-free, making it in Hawaii does not come so effortlessly. Most individuals hold down one to two jobs just to get by. At 808 the Great, we understand the struggle. Most of our partners are local entrepreneurs attempting to bring their ideas to fruition, and we are more than willing to share that load with them. We serve as a platform for them to showcase their ideas along with helping them get their products into the hands of their customers. 

Our Vision

Our overall intent at 808 the Great is to build a thriving ecosystem to give local businesses not only the ability to grow but to thrive in as well. 


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