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Aloha 808 the Great 'Ohana,

We have been receiving alot of correspondence regarding selling items on our site. This is Part One of our Q&A as I'm sure that there will be more as we continue to grow:

What is 808 the Great? 

808 the Great is a website dedicated to showcasing items produced locally here in the Hawaiian Islands. Our primary focus is to bring brand awareness to local businesses. We provide an online platform where they can sell their merchandise while building a following for their creative endeavors. 

Are you a drop shipping site?

We do offer drop shipping for our vendors. Once we receive an order for a product, we notify the vendor directly so that it can be fulfilled. We understand that every vendor has their own authentic "spin" to their packaging and we would not want to take that away from them.

We do offer wholesaling options to those interested, and are willing to serve as the fulfillment agent for your business as well.

Why should I partner with 808 the Great?

808 the Great is a big supporter of local businesses. We go to great lengths to ensure that people find out who you are and what it is about your merchandise that makes it so unique. Other online platforms may be more established; but a dollar spent there goes to a larger corporation that does not have its roots here in Hawaii. Every cent made at 808 the Great goes right back into the community, whether it be through identifying more opportunities to grow local businesses, sponsoring local entrepreneurial events, or purchasing more local products. 

We understand that every business owner is not only the manufacturing line, but the sales, marketing, and financial focal point of their operation. In addition, we realize that you are a mother, father, caretaker, laborer, etc. attempting to cultivate something you are passionate about while trying to make it here in Hawaii. If this is you, you don’t have to go it alone. Let us help make your business great!