The Kitchen Witch, Marie Hathaway

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Here at 808 the Great, we like to highlight the stories behind all of our vendors. Just like our island home we are a collection of unique cultures, talents, ideas, and motivations, working and living together to make Hawaii a better place.

Kitchen Witch Hawaii

While most of you may only know of her products, the owner/operator of Kitchen Witch Hawaii, Marie Hathaway, is a woman of many talents. Not only has she been making fantastic all organic skin care products, she serves full time as an Emergency Medical Services Paramedic with the City and County of Honolulu. In fact, she started making her own soap as an alternative to the harsher commercial soaps she used after a long hard day on the job. "I [wanted to] know exactly what I was putting on my skin. I am a paramedic by day and wanted clean, nourishing, healthy products to use at home and work. All the industrial soaps were ruining my hands!"

Marie was also inspired by the healing properties of plant based materials. She hand-picks every ingredient from local farms right here on Oahu, assuring the highest quality in each and every one of her products. If you're curious as to the name Kitchen Witch, it's an homage to her grandmother who lived through the Great Depression. The name was a monicker for self-reliant women who, among other things, made their own soap. Marie thought it only fitting to name her company that in the spirit of independent, highly capable women.

With the current pandemic, Marie has been heavily involved in the efforts to control the effects of the COVID virus. She was even recognized on the cover of July's Honolulu Magazine. Read more about this remarkable woman entrepreneur here.